4 Causes Of Vaginal Odor That Can Be Treated By A Gynecologist


It can be hard for women to talk about their reproductive systems. The vagina is often considered taboo, but it's important to look after the health of this vital part of the human body. Vaginas have a natural odor, but if you notice that your smell has changed, a trip to the doctor's office might be in order. These are four common causes of vaginal odor.

1. Yeast Infections

Yeast infections are one of the most common vaginal infections. It occurs when the pH of the vagina becomes unbalanced, leading to a proliferation of yeast. Yeast infections are often itchy and may come with thick, white discharge. Yeast infections also have a distinctive odor that may smell like bread. If you notice a yeasty smell coming from your vagina, you can schedule an appointment with your gynecologist for evaluation and treatment.

2. Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is another common cause of vaginal odor. The smell resulting from bacterial vaginosis is different from the one caused by yeast infections. People with BV may notice a foul, fishy odor. Unlike yeast infections, which can be treated with over-the-counter medications in many cases, you will require a prescription medication to get rid of BV. The symptoms of BV and yeast infections can sometimes be hard to tell apart, which is why you should visit your gynecologist for a test if you are uncertain about the cause of your discomfort.

3. Menstrual Products

There are a variety of menstrual products available to help women manage their periods. Many women choose internal products, such as menstrual cups and tampons, to collect blood during their menses. If you notice a foul smell coming from your vagina, especially if that smell is reminiscent of rot, a forgotten menstrual product may be to blame.

Forgotten tampons and menstrual cups can cause cramping and bad odors. If you need help removing a stuck menstrual product, you can go to your gynecologist for assistance. People who have forgotten menstrual products in their vaginas for an extended period of time may also want to see their gynecologist to make sure they don't have an infection.

4. Cervical Cancer

Finally, foul-smelling discharge may be a sign of cervical cancer. Cervical cancer causes changes to the cells that make up the cervix, which can lead to a watery discharge with an unpleasant scent. It's important to see your gynecologist for regular pap smears to prevent the development of cervical cancer. If you suspect you may have cervical cancer, a cervical biopsy can give you more information about the current state of your health.

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31 May 2023

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