Get Constant Urinary Tract Infections? 2 Things That Can Cause This And Treatment Available


If you are constantly getting urinary tract infections, you know how miserable they can be. This is because you constantly feel like you have to urinate and then you only urinate a small amount. It also burns a lot when you go to the bathroom. Fortunately, if you can determine what is causing this type of infection you can take steps to make changes in your life and get properly treated. To help you get started, below are two things that may be causing your urinary tract infections, as well as the treatment offered by a gynecologist

Wiping In the Bathroom

When you urinate and then wipe it is important that you wipe from front to back. This is because if you wipe back to front and have any type of fecal matter in your anus area, this matter will get pushed into your vagina and then infection can quickly set up.

If you have short arms you may find it hard to wipe front to back. If so, there are cleaning wipes that you can purchase to use to wipe with. This way you will clean yourself each time, so you won't have to worry about type of infection setting up.

Bladder Infection

A bladder infection can also cause urinary tract infections. This is also known as cystitis and is generally caused by a bacterium known as E. coli. It can also be caused by other types of bacteria, however.

E. coli and other bacterium come from the gastrointestinal tract. Women are especially susceptible because there is a short distance from the anus to the urethra and then a short distance from the urethra to bladder.

You will have the same symptoms as a urinary tract infection but will also notice that your urine is cloudy, and your urine may have a strong smell. You will also feel pelvic pain with a bladder infection.


The doctor will have you urinate in a cup and then test the urine for bacteria. If found, you will be prescribed antibiotics. The doctor can also prescribe you another type of pill that will help prevent burning while you urinate until the antibiotics start working.

Along with this treatment, the doctor will ask you to drink plenty of water to help flush the bacteria and other toxins out of your system. If you do not currently drink a lot of water, you need to start now. Having enough water is important for your body in many ways.

Talk with a gynecologist, like George L Stankevych, MD, about this information and they can give you more detail.


12 April 2018

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