3 Tips Every Mom To Be Should Know


If you are bringing a baby into the world, there are some important considerations you will want to follow, in order to protect both you and your new bundle of joy. When you keep this information in the back of your head, you'll be able to stay healthy and informed throughout the duration of your pregnancy and delivery. To make this process smooth and to take some of the anxiety out of it, adhere to these three guidelines below and reach out to professionals who can assist you. 

#1: Resolve immediately to begin getting your health in order

As soon as you find out that you are pregnant, you will need to begin mapping out some life changes that will carry you through these next nine months and beyond. Your first priority is twofold — make yourself and your baby as healthy as possible during the pregnancy. Start out by cutting out any bad habits you have — including high caffeine intake, smoking, excess sugar and processed food. Switch your diet, so that you are taking in plenty of organic whole foods and always hydrating yourself. You will need to get a prescription for prenatal vitamins and begin taking them right away. This is important, because prenatal vitamins give you plenty of much-needed folic acid, prevent birth defects and make your baby healthy and strong.

#2: Find a medical professional you can trust for the long haul

While you might begin seeing a few different doctors to confirm your pregnancy and your first couple of ultrasound visits, it is important that you begin searching for an obstetrician who will see you through the entire pregnancy. This is the medical professional you will be building a rapport with and who will be responsible for keeping you comfortable and assuaging any fear and anxiety you have. Because of this, choosing the best physician possible is of the utmost importance. When looking for an obstetrician, consider their experience, referrals from people you can trust and the type of birth setting you seek. For instance, one woman might prefer the hospital, while another may prefer a midwife or delivery at a birthing center.

#3: Be prepared for taking the baby home

Because so much goes into the pregnancy itself, preparing to actually bring your baby home might seem so far away. Be sure that you make your home as comfortable as possible for both you and the baby, and get as much help as you can from friends and family members. Keep your cabinets stocked with plenty of food and make your home as peaceful as possible, in order to destress and enjoy your new baby. Consider taking classes on breast-feeding, so that your baby can enjoy the many benefits: a stronger immune system and plenty of bonding time.

Think about these three tips and reach out to medical professionals like those at Desert Rose OBGYN PC who can help you.


13 May 2017

A Healthy Pregnancy

Have you recently found out you’re expecting your first baby? Perhaps, you’re both ecstatic and apprehensive. You likely want to do everything in you power to protect the health of your unborn child. If you can relate to this scenario, talk with your trusted OBGYN. This medical professional can offer expert suggestions about issues things such as proper diet and exercise. For instance, your OBGYN might advise you to consume more foods packed with certain nutrients such as potassium and calcium. This individual may also recommend you complete some form of light to moderate exercise on most days of the week. On this blog, I hope you will discover ingenious tips to help you enjoy a healthy pregnancy.